The Idea

Our concept is centered on laying the foundations for a successful investment by prudently securing undervalued assets while in a bear market in order to maximize profits in the future bull market. We are convinced that our strategy will succeed long term and wish to provide SwissNFTFund holders the opportunity to demonstrate their confidence in the project by locking a large portion of their tokens for a set period of time.

Early Holder Locking

After the snapshot is complete, holders of all captured wallets will be given the opportunity to lock their SwissNFTFund tokens for a period of 12 months. There is no obligation to lock the tokens! However, trust will be rewarded. Early holders will receive the Swiss NFT Pass for free if they are willing to lock 51% of their tokens. It does not matter how many tokens are in the wallet. This provides every early holder the opportunity to demonstrate their trust regardless of their current financial circumstances and be rewarded for it.

It is important to remember that for every 500,000 tokens that are locked, one AllTimeHigh NFT collection presale spot will be granted!

Holder Locking

Holder Locking begins with the Early Holder Deadline and ends with the close of the AllTimeHigh NFT presale. The Holder Locking is the very last opportunity to secure a Swiss Exclusive Pass. For this, the holder must lock at least 2.000.000 of their tokens which must represent at least 51% of their total token count.

The holder would automatically be entitled to 4 presale spots for the AllTimeHigh NFT mint with the lock of 2.000.000 SwissNFTFund tokens.

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