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🖼️AllTimeHigh NFTs

Our First NFT Collection With Real World Utility

The NFT Collection

In addition to our Swiss NFT Fund, we will release an NFT collection that promises real world utility to its holders. Utilizing our industry network built over the years as licensed producers of medical marijuana in Switzerland, we will launch an online CBD cannabis store with worldwide shipping. Our product range will continually expand with time in order that no customer wish goes unfulfilled and profit is maximized for our holders. Additionally, distribution of THC cannabis products is planned in the near future.

Get Your Shares

Each NFT you own will secure you a share of the company's profits and future benefits associated with our online store.

The NFT collection will be limited to 2,000 in total supply with each NFT representing a 0.05% share in the company.

You will earn on every sell made in our online store simply by holding our NFT.

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