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πŸ›οΈThe Store

Earn Steadily Growing Passive Income

The Idea

The online store is a core element of AllTimeHigh NFTs. Almost all NFT projects promise to bring real world utility to their holders, but fail to go beyond classic merchandising and WL spots. Merchandise and WL spots for selected projects also play a role in our project. However, our primary focus is providing monetary profit to our holders. We want to ensure that everyone wins! And because money never sleeps, the store will be online and operational before the release of the AllTimeHigh NFTs collection.

How the Store Will Work

The store will direct incoming orders to our dropshipping partners who will then package and ship the products to the recipient’s address. We function as an intermediary in the purchasing process and receive an agency fee from our partners. The agency fee is distributed to AllTimeHigh NFTs holders on a monthly basis after deduction of taxes.

The Products

Through our many years of working in the cannabis market, we have built an expansive network which allows us access to all the products that make a pothead's heart flutter. However, as we aim to implement the online store in an expedited manner, we have decided to start with a limited product range before expanding it and introducing our own branded products.

We will begin worldwide sale with CBD cannabis(THC < 0.2%),of the highest quality, shipping from Germany. Subsequently, we will manage the distribution of medical grade cannabis seeds to include award-winning strains.

Terms of Payment

We are big fans of cryptocurrency and believe in its long-term success. For that reason, we would like to provide our buyers the opportunity to purchase our products in both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Of course, payment in $USD and €EURO will also be available.

Terms of Delivery

We endeavor to offer worldwide shipping. Shipping times depend on the location of the buyer and choice of shipping method (standard or express). However, some legal codes, cannabis prohibitions, and political embargoes(among other conditions) make shipping to certain countries and regions impossible. This is beyond our control. More information concerning shipping will be available on the store website.

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